No More Blood for Oil!



It is past time for the people of our country to speak out clearly and loudly against the horrors of the war in Iraq. For too long we have chosen to disregard or overlook the lies and overt manipulation which the Bush administration has used to justify this war before the invasion of Iraq and during the entire conduct of the war.

Whatever the opinion polls say about the number of people who oppose this war, few if any, have managed to confront the Bush administration with effective opposition and I guess that includes myself. It is time that we looked at this war for what it is and acknowledge that we chose to invade Iraq because of the oil which lies beneath their desert sands.

It is now beyond question that this administration intends, and almost certainly has intended from the start, to maintain a long term occupation in Iraq and that we are not going to accept any government in Iraq which is not favorably inclined toward U.S. interests. This means that it is time for us to decide how serious we really are in our opposition to the war and to act accordingly.

Perhaps as part of this we need to examine and understand what President Bush has called “our addiction to oil” (which, by the way, is a nice psychological move to plant the fear of losing our supplier in the minds of the U.S. public). We need to ask ourselves if we are really so addicted to our automobiles, not just as transportation, but as status symbols which are inextricably linked to our sense of self-worth, that we will accept this war to maintain our current standard of living, however wasteful and extravagant.

Whether the above is true for a few, some, or most of us, we need to look at the cost of this war in human terms and relate it to our need to maintain our supply of oil because we cannot divorce ourselves from the consequences of the actions we are taking in Iraq. I do not refer here to the cost in dollars, but the cost in human suffering and the cost to our own sense of what our country stands for.

I cannot believe that the people of this country really want to see the women and children of Iraq (or the young and old men either) pay the price they are paying to insure that we have a supply of oil. This is truly blood for oil, including that of our soldiers. We must acknowledge that what is going on in Iraq is unacceptable and then decide what action we can take to bring it to an end. An even more pressing question is, what kind of insane world is it that can accept the mercenaries of Blackwater gunning down innocent Iraq’s, including women and children, and then have the head of the company go before Congress and swear that they have done no wrong. Wasn’t the war bad enough without this?

The reality we must face is that we have allowed, or been unable to prevent, the Bush administration to lead us into a situation which may simply not have a good ending for the people of Iraq or the U.S. The failure to take action can only result in having to watch the war go on and accept the incredible suffering of the people of Iraq. To do so will have an effect on all of us which is not pleasant to contemplate because we will have diminished our own humanity and the very essence of what human life means.

We must say – “No more blood for oil!”

Posted by Larry Munden, writer & Catholic Worker

Boise Catholic Worker is a group of Lay Catholics who study and live the social teachings of the Catholic Church in their daily lives through the guidelines set down by Catholic Worker Movement founder Dorothy Day. Catholic Workers give comfort to the homeless and suffering as well as promote social justice through education efforts and action. We welcome all faith based volunteers to Boise Catholic Worker.

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