Boise Catholic Worker Social Justice Library


Boise Catholic Worker’s attempt at a cottage industry; a used book store, has failed.  But all is not lost praise God!  We found a silver lining within our failure.  A chance to practice a spiritual work of mercy! We are going to build a social justice library at Lazarus House.

We are so excited about this new endeavor.  We feel that this work fulfills our mission to perform works of mercy better than retail. Plus many of the books donated to the book store are now becoming part of our social justice library collection.

We are currently building an interesting collection of social justice titles for our youth section.  One idea we are exploring is to have a monthly Youth Social Justice book read and discussion at Lazarus House.

We are expanding on that idea and hope to have a monthly book read and round table discussion for adults too.

Our goal is to have books that can inspire and feed the minds of the social justice scholar, peace activist and those who practice works of mercy. We want to create a space where anyone can come to study and work for social justice.

We are accepting all social justice/catholic worker book donations. We will also accept and greatly appreciate any financial help to purchase books and items for the library at Lazarus House too! You can mail or drop off donations at Lazarus House, 3704 Overland Rd, Boise, Idaho 83705.

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