St Isidore Catholic Worker Farm is a group of Lay Catholics who study and live the social teachings of the Catholic Church in their daily lives through the guidelines set down by Catholic Worker Movement founders Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. Catholic Workers give comfort to the homeless and suffering as well as promote social justice through education efforts and action. We welcome all faith-based volunteers to St Isidore Catholic Worker Farm.


There are four areas that one may volunteer within the Boise Catholic Worker Movement: St Isidore CW Farm, Catholic Worker Paraclete, Catholic Worker Roundtable Discussions

1. Dorothy Day Place, Inc. is a Catholic nonprofit with a mission to provide transitional housing to chronically homeless individuals. At our recovery farm, St Isidore, residents live in a farm environment with structured living that combines solitude with community, farm work with creativity and prayer with study. It is our desire to make St Isidore farm a place of hospitality for all who need time to become grounded in recovery.

2. St Isidore Catholic Worker Farm publishes the Paraclete, a newspaper covering the aims and means of the Catholic Worker Movement. The paper also serves as a justice education tool. We need catholic worker journalists with a passion for catholic social teaching and the catholic worker ideals as they apply to local, national and international events.

3. St Isidore Catholic Worker Farm sponsors roundtable discussions where local experts on various justice topics share their education, experiences and insights with the community, and then lead open discussions on these issues. We are looking for facilitators to lead roundtable discussions on topics such as nonviolent communication, sustainable living, the environment, etc. If you have a justice topic that might make a good roundtable and you are passionate about presenting it, contact Ellen Piper at 208.850-4398.

4. St Isidore Catholic Worker Farm members perform “the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.”

For more information about St Isidore Catholic Worker Farm, contact Ellen Piper at ellenpiper@aol.com or 208.850-4398.

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