“People say, ‘What is the sense of our small effort?’ They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.” – Dorothy Day


Dorothy Day Place, Inc. began works of mercy 12 years ago; our ministry focused on “homeless in recovery.” We are happy to tell you about our newest endeavor.

In the spirit of Catholic Worker cofounder Peter Maurin’s “agronomic university” philosophy, we have purchased a 20 acre mini-farm in Mesa, Idaho. God has provided us with a contemplative setting for Saint Isidore Catholic Worker Farm. We have views of the surrounding mountains and high desert vitas with many shades of green and gold interspersed with farm land and wildlife such as deer, turkey, fox and many species of birds.owl

Twelve years of working in recovery has taught us many of our guests could have benefited from a time and place to heal away from the city. We envision a farm environment with structured living that combines solitude with community, farm work with creativity and prayer with study.  It is our desire to make St Isidore Farm a place of hospitality for all who need time to become grounded in recovery.

We have made some progress towards our recovery farm vision. We built a small guest house to accommodate male guests looking for recovery; Our Lady’s House.  We are currently setting up our woman’s house; Dorothy Day Place. We have acquired some farm animals. We have a garden. We have a work shop. We are doing Recovery work with our guests.

Building our Faith Based Recovery Farm program was our focus during our first year here at Mesa.  We began taking guests in June 2016.  We plan to fine tune our recovery program and take more guests during 2017.


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